Nourishing Your Immune System

Like most things in life, health is simple. Maintaining a healthy immune system is also simple, yet in our enormously complex and hurried environment it become complicated to live a simple life and stay healthy. This is an important perspective to wrap ourselves around especially regarding our lifestyle choices and how we take care of our health – which is in the main, our immune system.

The short version of immune hygiene is this:

 remember that everything that goes into your body impacts your immune function and immune health
 plant based, living, nutritious food = a healthy body
 your thoughts creates proteins that communicate those specific thoughts to your immune cell membranes, so be mindful of your thinking
 chronic stress and adrenal gland function suppress your bone marrow and immune system functions
 laughter and joy strengthen immune function by increasing serotonin
 clean air and water are basic essentials to a healthy immune system
 compassion and caring increase Immunoglobulin-A, an immuno-protein
 exercise pumps 10,000 white blood cells through the lymph glands, cleansing and detoxifying the “little garbage cans” of the body
 cleanliness and sanitation prevent immune assaults by micro-organisms
 loving and being loved increases positive immune responses and secretions
 purposeful living reduces stress and balances the nervous system
 eliminating debt enhances longevity through immune system integrity
 everything is connected to everything else in your life – especially your immune function, so be kind to your body ~

These are simple, intuitive and common sense guidelines to preserve and protect the system that protects you.

The next installment will focus on muscles and bones, with a few surprises in store.

With all good wishes,

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