An Ironic Upside to Cell Phones


For many years, there has been much discussion on the dangers of cell phone radiation on brain cancer, tumors and overall brain health. A recent study now suggests that there could be beneficial effects of cell phone radiation.

In the January, 2009, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a study was published that was conducted by scientists from medical centers and universities around the world. The scientists identified the possibility that cell phone radiation appeared to possibly prevent Alzheimers’ disease, but in addition cell phone radiation might also reverse memory damage.

This international collaboration appears to re-assure the average cell phone user that the radiation from their cell phone could be helpful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. But, as we know with studies, what one study might prove one year can be challanged very quickly with another study showing the opposite outcomes.

The international study conducted experiments that exposed genetically pre-disposed mice to doses of electromagnetic radiation that is similarly emitted by cell phones. The mice were exposed to one hour of radiation per day for up to nine months.

The results surprised the scientists. The adult mice did not show signs of memory loss. This finding could imply that the radiation provided a form of protection from the disease. Additionally the older mice in the study who were already demonstrating signs of the disease were able to perform similarly with older mice who were not demonstrating signs of Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, mice that were “normal” – without symptoms – that were exposed to the radiation demonstrated above average performance on memory skills.

A Professor from the University of South Florida claimed, “It surprised us to find that cell phone exposure, begun in early adulthood, protects the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms.”

The researchers could only theorize about  how or why the radiation exposure effected the Alzheiner’s outcome, but they were specific about their findings. “The cognitive benefits of long-term electromagnetic exposure are real, because we saw them in both protection- and treatment-based experiments involving Alzheimer’s mice, as well as in normal mice.”

Conclusion: Until more conclusive research on cell phone use and brain function is completed, phone chat at your own risk.

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