Dealing With Flu Seaon

With Labor Day behind us, it’s time once again to consider the upcoming winter and the cold and flu season.

Every year we are inundated with reports of possible flu pandemics and cautioned to get our flu shots early. For those of us who are staunch devotees of the annual flu shot, the sooner the better.

For those of us concerned about putting provocative proteins, such as flu shots, into our body there are alternatives that can be utilized to prevent from getting the flu.

The number one determining factor as to whether or not you get a cold or flu is how resilient your immune system is. The healthier and more resilient your immune system, the least likely you are to get sick, get a cold or the flu.

What is the best way to keep your immune system health and resilient throughout the flu season?

> Hygiene – sounds too simple to be important ,but hand washing is the number one prevention tool in avoiding colds and flus

> Proper rest – getting enough sleep is essential to your nervous and immune system functioning at optimal levels. Being sure not to “run yourself down”, as grandma might have told, is REALLY good advice.

> Proper nutrition – vitamin C, B, A, D, E, enough protein, essential fatty acids and calcium rich foods are all important in keeping your body functioning well and having the resilience to fight off colds and the flu

> Keeping stress under control – stress suppresses your immune function. By keeping stress at bay you will allow your body its best advantage to stay healthy.

> Relax and have fun – laughter and pleasure have been shown in clinical trials to enhance Immunoglobulins which increase immune function activity and keep us healthy. By creating time and opportunity for regular fun and pleasure you will help your body to help you stay well.

> Protection from the elements – many people don’t realize that the weather and temperature have a significant impact on their stress adaptation and immune system. Being properly dressed against all forms of weather helps to prevent colds and flu.

These very simple yet essential tips for staying well can help, whether you choose to have a flu shot or not, to give your body the best advantage against flu season.

With all good wishes,