Does Chronic Anger Makes Us Sick?

The way we feel – especially being hurt or angry can have very negative effects on other parts of our physical body as well as on our emotions. When we are experiencing internalized anger, our nervous and hormone systems react, creating harmful side-effects, both physically and mentally and this can lead to compromised health as well as compromised personal and professional relationships.

Yes, chronic anger is unhealthy because when we become angry our body reacts though the stress response, which creates over time physical responses that can lead to illness of death. If we are habitually angry these are the conditions that can occur as a result of this physical response to the chronic or ongoing anger we are experiencing:

  • elevated blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • tense muscles
  • heart attack
  • hiatus hernia
  • glaucoma
  • stroke
  • hives
  • asthma
  • ulcers
  • migraines
  • low back pain
  • psoriasis
  • shortened life expectancy

In addition to thousands of anger and stress studies, many other health studies have also connected anger to loneliness, chronic anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior and phobias. It can also have a detrimental effect on our relationships and threatens the development and maintenance of intimate relationships. Communication is the key to learning how to handle our anger and creating healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Learning how to communication does not have to be complicated. While most of us have developed communication skills from our families and environment, there are easy to learn, proven skills that can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to be able to channel and express your anger or hurt feelings appropriately.

When we are able to express our feelings, be they sadness, frustration, or anger we feel more in control of our lives and able to create the type of relationships we want with others.

As a researcher, I have participated in many years of studies on a model of communication that has been proven to work in all types of environments with all types of relationships. You can read more about it and download a free excerpt from the book by going to You can also get the book for free if you are a Kindle Prime member by typing in Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy to Learn, Proven Communication Skills.