Eating Less = Living Longer Part III

In our previous blogs we have been introduced to the concept that eating less can become a means to reduce metabolic and biochemical reactions thus reducing or preventing free radicals, cell damage, aging and disease.

What we also learned was that free radical culprits are “neutralized” by anti-oxidants. Antioxidants prevent oxidation which in turn creates free radicals, as we saw in the prior blog, result from weak biochemical bonds losing an electron and then go in search of that missing electron and steal it from another compound. Who said biochemistry was dull?

How do we use our food choices to work against this ongoing metabolic drama in our bodies? Your mother and grandmother will enjoy this part – vegetables, vegetables, vegetables – and some fruit for a punch of vitamin C. Vegetables and fruits contain very high amounts of anti-oxidants which is why we are constantly reminded that the more we eat these living foods – the better.

If we combine eliminating non-living or processed foods from our diet we are then not only  restricting foods that cause our bodies to work harder and experience wear and tear, but we are also greatly reducing or eliminating the amount of potential free radicals our body will have to deal with to stay healthy, slow aging and prevent chronic disease.

Most of us do not want to radically change our diets and dramatically restrict our caloric intake, so how can we use this information to our advantage without feeling deprived or hungry on an ongoing basis?

One of the easiest and best strategies is to s-l-o-w-l-y begin to eliminate the foods that are known to have the least nutrients in them and are more likely to produce anti-oxidants. These would be any processed foods, especially processed grains which have had their nutrient value reduced or eliminated. Sugars, grains, bakery items, soda, candies and most other foods that have been “through the mill” so to speak are the target foods you want to start to eliminate.

If you begin to do this slowly and gradually, over time you will not only save your body the burden of processing these materials, but you are very likely to lose a considerable amount of weight. One of my patients simply eliminated his morning caramel macchiato and muffin and over a few months lost 15 pounds without really trying.  He chose to do this because his cholesterol was elevated and now his cholesterol and his weight is much lower!

Next Installment: Long Term Benefits

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