Foods to Enhance Your Longevity

By now, many are starting to realize that eating foods rich in anti-aging nutrients  are the best foods to eat to keep us living well and long. It has been somewhat of a mystery as to why folks have not generally equated living plant foods with disease prevention and longevity.

The good news is that the Internet has enriched our access to and understanding of important health information. It is now well understood by our mainstream culture that eating living plant foods high nutrients are best to slow the aging process and promote longevity.

Here are some of the best foods which have demonstrated their nutrient value in keeping us well and youthful:

Greens – All forms, include folate and calcium as well as many minerals and vitamins. Greens are also a great source of fiber, an important component for a healthy digestive system.

Fish – Rich in anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s and highly digestible protein

Berries, all forms – Contain anthocyanins, which aid in the prevention and growth of cancer

Whole Grains – Contain high amounts of fiber and minerals and help to slow the development of diabetes type II

Herb and Spices– like turmeric and ginger, contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Olive Oil – contain monounsaturated fat, which aids in the decrease of heart disease and cancers through its anti-inflammatory properties

Tomatoes – contains lycopene which has been shown to aid in the prevention of cancers and heart disease

Tea, black – contains EGCG, a powerful anti-oxidant which aids in the decrease of cancers and heart conditions

Nuts, many varieties – nuts are high in fibers and contain high levels of anti-inflammatory fatty acids

Grapes, red – contains resveratrol a very potent anti-inflammatory which is shown to reduce the incident of heart disease

By including these health giving foods in your daily diet you will not only feel better and look better, but you will also live longer. The best part is that these are all tasty foods as well and can be enjoyed at the same time hey help heal and prevent illness.

With all good wishes,

Copyright 2010 G. Donadio