Heart of the Matter

There are two books, “Heart and Soul”by Bruno Cortis, MD, and “The Heart’s Code”, by Paul Pearsall, PhD, which were among the first popular books to explore the subject of the function of the human heart from a perspective other than the heart being simply a pump which moves blood from one part of the body to another. While there is no question that the human heart is a muscular pump of sorts that moves our nutrient rich blood throughout our bodies, this function is just the physical aspect of the heart’s function.

Paul Pearsall’s book discusses the emotional function of the heart and its “L” energy. Dr. Pearsall beautifully describes and scientifically explains the impact and affect loving has on the heart which loves, as well as the affect that this love has on the recipient of heart’s “L” energy. The human heart has its own independent electrical system (the Bundle of His – also known as the AV bundle or atrioventricular bundle) which appears to give the heart muscle an emotional life of its own.

The latest research on heart disease shows that the single greatest factor to whether or not an individual is likely to have a heart attack or die of heart disease is not the factors we might suspect or guess. Not high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high fat and sodium diets, Type A personality, anger or rage – all of which most of us would say is the perfect storm for heart disease and a heart attack.

Statically documented, the single most predictive factor of death by heart malfunction is –


Broken-heartedness is when the “heart’s desire” has been thwarted or eliminated and the heart is left without hope of fulfilling its desire. “Where there is life there is hope” – and without hope our dreams perish and our heart “breaks”.

To understand that while exercise, a healthy diet, an ideal body weight and having a purpose in life are all part of being heart healthy – it now appears that the number one most important factor is to keep our hopes alive and not give up our dreams, for without them we lose our purpose and the joy for living.

A healthy heart is a HOPEFUL heart ~ When you smile, you cannot be sad or hopeless. Try it – think a horrible thought, the really smile and see if you can think that same thought wile you are smiling. When we smile we tell our heart and our brain that life is good and very worth living. As the saying goes, “be happy be healthy”.

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