It’s All Your Imagination

In the 1990’s, Peggy Huddleston, author of “Prepare for Surgery Health Faster”, demonstrated the relationship between a patient visualizing their healing after surgery and a decrease in the need for pain medication and subsequent shorter hospital stays.

Huddleston conducted numerous studies at Boston area hospitals and without exception the use of healing visualization before and after surgery resulted in measurable improvements in the recovery from surgery; which also resulted in a decrease of costs related to hospitalization length of stay, medication and the absence of complications after surgery.

Until recently it was only nurses, social workers and pastoral counselors who were advocates of guided imagery as a healing modality. But due to health consumers now educating their doctors about the healing benefits of guide imagery, physicians are also getting on board and recommend the use of guide imagery no only for pre and post operative benefits, buts also as adjunctive therapy for chronic pain and disease.

Dr. Met Oz, the well known cardio-thoraic surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical center, recommends imagery for his patients. This trend can now be seen at all major medical centers and hospitals. In addition, with studies showing that imagery saves money, has no clinical risk and can be administered without a practitioner, companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California have incorporated the modality into its paid services for its members.

In June, 2000, Blue Shield began a Pre-Surgery program for Guided Imagery for its members who were approved for a major surgery. This establish the first health plan to develop such a program.

Apart from its use with surgery, guided imagery can facilitate relaxation and reduction of stress. By imagining your body healing and growing stronger, messages are sent to the amagdala portion of the brain, that “automatically” sends messages to our immune system to create chemistry that will assist in the recovery or healing process that is desired.

Specific imagery for specific conditions can also greatly enhance the healing, but by just visualizing the immune system sending out “messengers” to heal whatever part of the body is ailing can result in improved outcomes.

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