Protect Your Health and Help Save the Planet

We can all make a small difference that can make a big difference to our personal health and to the health of our planet. There are many easy and convenient ways to “go green”. Several of these suggestions can even save us money and time. Here is a brief list of ways you can immediately start to protect your health and help keep the planet healthier at the same time:

> Taking shorter showers will not only help to keep your skin better hydrated by not having all the natural oils removed from your skin, but for each individual who limits their shower to five (5) minutes, they save almost 4,000 gallons of water per year.

> Avoid the dry cleaner and you avoid exposing your skin to perchloroethylene, known as perc, the toxic solvent used to dry clean clothing. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and skin irritation has been linked to this solvent. It may also deplete the ozone layer in addition to contributing to creating toxic and carcinogenic by-products as it breaks down.

> Stop using air freshners to avoid phthalates, chemicals linked to hormone abnormalities, birth defects and reproductive problems. In addition they may also contain other harmful, cancer causing volatile organic compounds which are not good for you or the earth. You can use mixtures like orange peel or sage in pretty containers or small bowls to freshen the rooms of your house.

> Buy organic coffee that are grown without pesticides that can harm the soil and seep into the water supply. This makes a better “brew” for you as it does not contain synthetic chemicals and decreases damage to the earth.

> Avoid using flea collars on your pets as the chemicals in the flea collars contain toxic chemicals that can  contaminate water supplies. The pesticides used in the flea collars work by harming the nervous system of the insect. The same pesticides can harm your pet and yourself as they are absorbed through the skin.

These are a few simple and convenient ways you can immediately start to make keep yourself and the planet healthier!

With all good wishes,

Copyright 2010 – G. Donadio