Health and Self-Esteem

We have an innate understanding of what we need to do to be healthy. Yet, passed down health wisdom such as,”early to bed, early to rise, makes a being healthy, wealthy and wise”, are often ignored in favor of our more immediate comfort or convenience.

Physical labor has taken a back seat to “mind work”, and today we work harder than ever before to have the money to buy membership to a gym or spa so we can do the physical exercise we need to be healthy and attractive. How ironic, yes?

However, rarely do we actually have the time to go to the gym we pay membership fees to. Statistically, the average gym membership is used for the first 4-6 weeks after signing up and then falls off dramatically. Workout facilities count on these statistics when planning their recruitment and enrollment numbers.

Likewise, diet plans and weight loss centers know that 90% or more of their customers will continue to have body weight issues in spite of their best efforts to re-direct to a different way of eating. Why?

 Sometimes even with every possible service, care and expert available many individuals can continue to struggle with significant weight gain and loss for many years. The reasons these individuals give for not taking care of themselves can include:

 not having enough time to shop for or cook the right foods
 not being sure what’s best for our body type
 not having enough money for domestic help
 not having enough time to exercise, meditate and relax
 too much stress over money and achieving success

However, there are many individuals who have more than enough money and success to eliminate all of those concerns and yet in spite of that they still do not consistently maintain a proper body weight. What are the real causes of this syndrome and how can it be corrected?

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