Sweet Mystery of Life ~ the Hormones

In 2005, an article appeared in the science journal Natureabout scientists in both Switzerland and in the United States who similarly found that exposing people to the human hormone Oxytocin through intranasal administration, made them more trusting and more willing to bond with others. Oxytocin is a hormone released by both males and females during sexual intimacy.

“Oxytocin specifically affects an individual’s willingness to accept social risks arising through interpersonal interactions,” the scientists wrote in the Nature article.

This is not surprising given that Oxytocin has also been referred to as “the cuddle” hormone as it is stimulated with physical affection. It has also been shown to decrease with the memory of a negative emotion and increase again with touch.

In females, Oxytocin is stimulated during romance and intimacy and creates an emotional environment of trust which assists in creating a desire for conception. Apparently, nature has created an amazing process of bio-chemical brain response which sets the stage for and encourages procreation.

May-be falling in love is a series of biochemical reactions that create desire and trust? May-be love is just an illusion of a hormonal kind? Ah, sweet mystery of life ~

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