The Endocrines – Part V

To review the subject of the Endocrine System:

The endocrines are just so perfectly expressed as “everything being connected to everything else in the body” that it is pure joy to share the information.

We will discuss SEVEN aspects of the reproductive glands based on these concepts:

(1) the physical gland
(2) the seven (7) virtues
(3) organs and systems
(4) Selye’s stress model
(5) the five (5) Whole Health aspects
(6) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
(7) the seven (7) “deadly sins”

The Thyroid is the next endocrine gland to discuss. The Thyroid, in yoga and energy circles is often referred to as “the throat” chakra. The Thyroidgland is located in the neck. It differs from other endocrine glands in that its hormones are stored for future use, as well as secreted for immediate metabolic needs. The hormones produced by the thyroid, Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3), are responsible for stimulating cellular metabolism throughout the entire body as well as growth and energy. The Thyroid controls how many calories we burn, our body heat, and how much we weigh. If the Thyroid was removed and there was no hormone replacement, the cells would cease to function metabolically and death would occur within a relatively short period of time.

The Thyroid is the personal power and self expression component of Maslow’s Hierarchy. This is easily understood when we think about how our throat is “our voice” and when we speak our truth and express ourselves in the world, we own our personal power and experience self-expression. Under functioning Thyroid problems are believed in many healing circles to be caused by “not having a voice” and not expressing ourselves in the world. Physically the Thyroid is intimately connected to our Brain Cortex – and our interpretation of Self.

Regarding Selye’s Stress Model, the Thyroid can express the Fear, Worry and Lack of Trust dynamic. The Thyroid is the mental-cortex-intellect component of the Whole Health Five Aspects.

So far we have gone over FIVE (5) of the SEVEN (7) aspects. The last two, as we saw with the reproductive glands, the adrenals and pancreas and thymus, clarify the emotional and behavioral aspects of each specific endocrine gland.

The VIRTUE of the Thyroid is FORTITUDEor strength. Often the force of will of an individual determines their fortitude or strength. The “throat chakras” – which relates to our voice in the world and how we express our WILL in the world, is what the Thyroid represents. People who have Graves disease, where their eyes are bulging from their sockets, is the result of a hyperactive thyroid gland and appears very clearly as a forceful expression of WILL or anger. If you have ever witnessed anyone becoming intensely angry about not getting their way, you can see this eye bulging occur.

The DEADLY SIN of the Thyroid is once again the opposite of its virtue. The opposite of fortitude and strength is weakness, fear and ANGRY WILLFULNESS. When we are too focused on getting our way or imposing our will onto others, we suffer from aggression that ultimately can become expressed through the symptoms of chronic conditions, such as Graves Disease.

Once again we can see the value and importance in understanding how the body works a whole integrated being. The Thyroid is another important gland in the endocrine system, enabling us to function well metabolically to keep us healthy or if malfunctioning can make us sick.

The function of our Thyroid function is in our hands. The way we think, treat ourselves and others play a role in the health and function of our Thyroid gland.

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