The Importance of Good Digestion – Worth Repeating

The single most reported complaints in all hospital emergency rooms are digestive relative complaints. The most “stress affected” system of the human body is the digestive system. According to the October, 2008, Drug Topics News Magazine for Pharmacists, in 2008, American’s spent 5 billion dollars on over the counter digestive or “stomach” remedies, with an expected 40% increase by 2010.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand and educate others on how and why they are suffering from digestive ailments?

We all know people who eat organic, natural food and are meticulous about the quality and quantity of what they put in their body and are sick, tired, plagued with health issues. Then there are others who eat anything and everything, the good, the bad and the ugly and have energy to burn, not a pimple on their entire body and feel great.

Often, what this is the result of the function and efficiency of their individual nervous systems. Those who have an active “sympathetic” nervous system, with the tenth cranial nerve reeking havoc with their digestive system (alimentary canal), they are the folks that no mater what they eat and how, pure, clean and organic it is – they just don’t do well and feel ill and unwell much of the time.

For the individual with a well-tuned central nervous system and balanced “para-sympathetic” cranial nerves, the digestive system can be a culinary playground that accepts all types of nutrients and food stuffs and produces ample nutrition without up set or illness.

What makes one nervous system different from another, one person’s experience different from another? It has more to do with the limbic system (unconscious mind) of an individual than any other single factor, with the exception of the rare congenital or pathological occurrence.

With all good wishes,
Copyright – 2010 G.Donadio