What Your Sleep Position Says About You

In a BBC report on research linking certain sleeping positions with health risks, British scientists think the sleeping position of an individual provides clues to the true personality of the sleeper as well as revealing health clues.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service analysed six common sleeping positions and believes they are each is linked to a specific personality types. “We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us” says Professor Idzikowski.

The sleep study identified that most people are unlikely to change their sleeping position during the night. Only 5% of the study participants reported to sleep in a different position on different evenings. Another interesting reveal of the study was that only one in ten individuals cover themselves completely with a blanket. Most people expose a leg, arm or both feet.

Professor Idzikowski also examined the effect of various sleeping positions on health. Some positions are believed to help aid digestion, while other positions are believed to promote snoring and restlessness.

Here are the six common positions, studied by Professor Idzikowski, that his study participants expressed. The study’s findings also related the positions to personality traits and health implications.

  • Fetus position – A majority (41%) of the study participants, with 200% more female than male, sleep in this curled-up position. The personality appointed to this sleeping position is that the sleeper has a tough exterior,  but are shy and sensitive and warm up quickly.
  • Log position – This study identified that 15% of people sleep in this position. Sleeping on your side with both arms down, says that you are a social, easy-going person who is trusting and possibly gullible.
  • Yearner position– The third most popular position, utilized by 13% of the participants, is the side-lying position with both arms out in front of the body. This position is considered to be open-minded and yet cynical. They can be suspicious and stubborn. This position is called “the yearner” position.
  • Soldier position – 8% of the sleepers in this study lie on their back with arms down and close to the body. This position is considered to be that of people who are reserved, quiet, not fussy and hold themselves and others to a high standard. This position has a higher rate of snoring due to the back position.
  • Free fall position – Only 7% of the sleepers lie on their bellies with arms under or wrapped around a pillow  and their head turned to the side. Considered brash, outgoing, and uncomfortable with criticism.
  • Starfish position – Those who lie on their backs with arms near their head or pillow make up the smallest  style of sleepers, with only 5% utilizing this position. Considered good listeners, helpful, and  uncomfortable being the center of attention. Sleeping in the starfish position are likely to suffer from a poor night’s sleep due to snoring.

With all good wishes for a great night’s sleep,